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Construction Law

Construction law is a specific area of law that deals with all matters related to construction, engineering, and all related fields. Construction Law covers legal issues to do with contracts, negligence, guarantees and sureties, bonds and bonding, liens, security interests, construction claims, tendering, and consultancy contracts. Construction law does not only apply to construction companies and their employees. Financial institutes, surveyors, architects, builders, engineers, construction workers, and planners are all affected by and fall under the coverage of construction law.

Construction law is required because rarely do construction projects run smoothly and to plan. Every project will have to overcome at least one obstacle because of new discoveries made on site. Overcoming obstacles require employers to request additional work, cause delays, or increase the cost that was initially agreed upon.

Michael LeRoyThe most common claims made in construction law have to do with a contractor making a claim against an employer due to delays or change in the agreed-upon work, or professional consultants making claims against employers for non-payment or breach of copyright. Employers often make claims against the contractor for delay of work, defects in work or against professional consultants for failing to supervise or properly design work.

Michael LeRoy is one of the founding partners of Fulmer LeRoy & Albee, PLLC. He is the managing partner of the firm and is based out of its Orlando office. He, however, provides services to clients all over the state of Florida. He graduated with honors from Florida State University College of Law in 1993 and has been a member of the Florida Bar since that same year. One of many areas of law that he specializes in is Construction Law.

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Gleason Initiative Foundation

Former NFL safety and special teams player, Steve Gleason, founded the Gleason Initiative Foundation, a foundation that is dedicated to assisting people living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Three years after Gleason retired from the NFL, he was diagnosed with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Gleason founded the foundation to help those who live with ALS do so comfortably until a cure is found.

Michael LeRoy

Michael LeRoy

Professionally, Steve Gleason is most well known for one of the most dramatic moments in New Orleans Saints history. In the first quarter of a game against the Atlanta Falcons on September 25, 2006, he blocked a punt, which was recovered in the Falcons’ end zone. The touchdown was the first scored by the Saints at home in 21 months since Hurricane Katrina had devastated New Orleans. The play signified a special moment not only for the team but also for the city. Gleason retired in 2008 and was diagnosed with ALS in 2011.

ALS is a condition that causes the death of neurons that control voluntary muscles. The cause of ALS is not known for between 90% to 95% of cases, and about 5% to 10% of cases are inherited from parents’ genes. There is no cure for ALS at the moment although medication called riluzole sometimes extends life expectancy by about two to three months. Descriptions of ALS date back to 1824, and it became well known in the U.S. when the baseball player, Lou Gehrig was diagnosed.

Michael LeRoy is a lawyer in Florida. A family member of his lived with ALS, and he makes regular contributions, both donations and by volunteering his time, to the Gleason Initiative Foundation.

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Importance of a good education

Imagining a life without schools and institutions of learning can seem next to impossible. Even when we loathe the idea of getting up early to prepare for school, or stay up late studying for exams, we still know that education is very important in our lives. While there have been numerous examples of uneducated people finding success in life, most of us will agree that having a good education has a myriad of benefits other than economic prosperity.


Keeping up with changes

The world we live changes with each passing day. The dynamic nature of technology best exemplifies the changes the world experiences, and it’s not something you want to leave you behind. Through education, you can understand the changes happening and apply them in your life.

Shun ignorance

The legal profession does not recognize ignorance as an explanation or defense strategy. In life, ignorance can prove dangerous especially when it comes to sensitive facets of life such as healthcare and security. Educated people are in a better position to know the most effective methods and strategies they can apply to keep them healthy and safe.

A safer, peaceful world

Education helps us to understand the difference between right and wrong. An educated person is very likely to be aware of the ramifications of doing something illegal, and is less likely to be pressured into doing something wrong, for example, breaking the law. Education provides you the insight into the rights you possess as a citizen in addition to the responsibilities that contribute to a safer world.

Michael LeRoy is a veteran civil liability defense lawyer dedicated to providing high-quality legal protection to his clients. His firm, located in Orlando, Tampa and Ft Lauderdale, Florida, is among the leading firms when it comes to defending against liability in a number of legal areas.

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Assess Your Individual Skills

Setting up your own practice, as a lawyer, goes beyond just being good at law and being able to file motions before a judge. You have to be prepared for the challenges ahead and have a solid understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. You also have to understand how to run a business, since your services will be the business’ selling point. To succeed in a legal practice, you must have the business smarts and still be a good lawyer.

Michael LeRoy

Before you come up with the business plan and start looking for office space, take the time to understand what you are about to get into. Are you ready to take the risk? Have you given thought to what it will take to run the office (bookkeeping, marketing, budgeting) all while growing as a lawyer? Do you possess the self-starter skills required to manage competing demands and meet deadlines?

These are just some of the questions you will have to answer. Thankfully, your personal attributes will direct you into the right kind of setup. Also, give thought to the type of environment you want to work in. Are you comfortable working on your own, or would you benefit from having an assistant?

In conclusion, it helps to be realistic about your abilities. It’s not enough to simply know law and have the desire to help others. To run a successful law office, you require good business skills and the ability to sustain progress on a daily basis.
Michael W LeRoy is one of the founding partners at Fulmer, Michael LeRoy & Albee law firm located in Orlando, Tampa and Ft Lauderdale, Florida. He also serves as the firm’s managing partner.

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Workers’ Comp Tips

Employers who find themselves against their company in a workers’ compensation situation won’t want to get caught up in long, complex litigation. LeRoy understands all of the issues surrounding employers’ rights in the context of a Workers’ Compensation claim. Employers without excellent legal representation will have trouble keeping their head above water long enough to see the true issues at work, much less mount a credible defense. LeRoy, the managing partner of Fulmer LeRoy & Albee, has a team which works hard to untangle the complex web of issues surrounding any Workers’ Compensation case. His firm fights hard for the best possible results for their clients and do their best to quickly address the complex legal issues that usually entangle these cases. Workers’ Compensation cases are often painful, lengthy, costly, and complex. LeRoy’s team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys construct a defense strategy for their client to fortify their case and give them the best representation possible.

Michael LeRoy

Michael LeRoy’s firm painstakingly examines every workers’ compensation claim that comes to it. LeRoy’s team at Fulmer LeRoy & Albee dedicates itself to simplifying cases for their clients with constant communication and a deep understanding of all the issues involved. LeRoy’s team cares deeply about employers’ rights. He looks closely at the facts of the case and decides how best to approach the case. He looks for common and uncommon ways to win Workers’ Compensation cases such as third party liability and even fraud in some rare cases. LeRoy wants employers to know that his firm is their staunchest ally when they need legal representation in costly, drawn-out Workers’ Compensation cases.



Handling Liability Claims

Michael LeRoy works hard to ensure that one general liability claim doesn’t derail a solid business serving the community. He and his team have successfully defended businesses and other property owners from claims resulting from alleged negligent security, dog bites, workplace injuries, slips and falls, unsafe buildings and much more. Michael LeRoy knows that his clients can have a general liability claim filed against them at any time with or without just cause.


Michael LeRoy works to form a formidable defense platform that secures his clients’ rights while shielding the client’s reputation in the process. LeRoy’s aggressive pursuit of justice has earned him a wide reputation for being one of the most reliable and tenacious liability claims defense lawyers in the state. Michael and his team have well-over a century of combined defense trial experience and can confidently step up to deliver the best defense for their clients in the courtroom. LeRoy and his team of excellent attorneys understand how a liability claim can be devastating for a small business owner. Every day more claims are made that effectively end businesses.

As one of the most experienced lawyers in his field, Michael LeRoy has had much success defending businesses involved in general liability and premises liability claims. He has been the managing partner of Fulmer LeRoy & Albee for over eight years, since its inception, and his reputation for handling the toughest liability claims in the state keeps growing. LeRoy knows what effect even baseless general liability claims can have on a business’ standing in the community. Michael is one of the top-notch lawyers of the law firm that bears his name: Fulmer LeRoy & Albee.

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Michael W LeRoy and Education

Michael W LeRoy is a renowned attorney that is based out of the state of Florida. He is known for his extreme professional aptitude and experience as a trial lawyer throughout the state of Florida. He is also a founder and the current managing partner of Fulmer LeRoy & Albee Law Firm, which serves citizens of the state of Florida with excellent professional services. With all the success it is very easy to lose sight of all the hard work that went into this incredible story.  LeRoy earned every bit of the success in the road to where he is today was paved with a lot of hard work and dedication that drove them through to the end so that he could be in a position to do what he wanted to do. He is known as an excellent student and during his college years was a diligent study of all matters legal. He attended the University of Nebraska-Omaha and was a highly revered student that graduated with top honors.  He was also the recipient of the Regent’s Scholarship a very prestigious honor to have achieved for academic excellence. He also received the honor of catch-up status. His academic success was the foundation of his professional success and early on it was clear how dedicated he was to his education, with his eyes on the achievements that he sought from even the early days. Many years later he is still as passionate about the legal profession as he once was when he was driving to join it.

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